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Complete Commercial Roofing Solutions.

From large scale projects to repairs, we are happy to help while providing the most competitive rates in the area. Our PMP certified staff makes sure it's done right - the first time.


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Commercial Roofing Solutions

Commercial Roofing Solutions

According to a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau, construction costs went up by 17.5% year-over-year from 2020 to 2021, the largest spike in this data from year to year since 1970. 2021’s costs were also more than 23% higher than pre-pandemic 2019.

This trend shows no signs of moving backwards, and historically, that has never happened. The time to act is now!


Yellow Brick Roofing has attacked this problem head on by offsetting this massive increase with a disruptive and intelligent approach to re-roofing commercial buildings.

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Drone Inspections
Image by Joel Filipe

Infrared Drone Inspections

Our drone fleet is able to detect leaks and weak points in the roofing system with 99.99% accuracy, plus it's super cool footage to have!

If you own a commercial property with a flat roof, we are more than happy to offer this service to you.

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Maintenance Package

Commercial Roof Maintenance

When it comes to manufacturer warranty coverage, everything is not necessarily cut and dry. Many owners have experienced difficulties or extended wait periods when trying to get service regarding a claim. During this time period, problems with their roofing system often worsen.

When you have a leak, it always gets worse – allowing more water inside the building each time it rains or snows, until the core issue is resolved. This results in a more costly repair. After a long wait, owners often find that they are only partially covered – or even worse, not covered at all by their warranty.

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